Provident Funding

How to Order an Appraisal

All appraisals must be ordered through

  1. Log into your account on PFLoans (
  2. From your pipeline, select “Appraisal Info” in the Command column for the loan that you want to order an appraisal.
  3. Click on “Order Appraisal” under the Options section from the Appraisal Information page.
  4. On the appraisal order form, you can view the most current appraisal fee sheet. Please fill in all the required fields on the order form accurately. You can preview the order before you submit it.
  5. Pay for the order.
  6. Once the order is submitted, an order confirmation will be generated confirming that an appraisal order has been placed.
  7. Track your order. The current status of the order can be viewed by clicking “Confirmation/Status” from the Appraisal Information page

Ordering Tips

  1. Make sure to order the correct appraisal form.
  2. Before placing the order for full interior inspection appraisals, please ensure that the borrower is ready to schedule the subject property inspection immediately.
  3. Ensure that the credit card information is accurate. If any of the credit card validation information is incorrect, the order will not be placed and a pending charge will be displayed on the credit card. The pending charge will be automatically removed after 10 business days without the card being charged.
  4. Appraisal fee charges appear as “LenderVend” on the credit/debit card statements. It is helpful to notify the credit card holder to avoid confusion.
  5. Most orders are completed within 10 business days of ordering. However, orders may take longer to complete due to unique characteristics of the subject property, subject market, and location, and when the borrower schedules an inspection date. The loan officer should allow enough time for the appraisal to be completed when planning the loan approval process and locking the rate.
  6. If you are having difficulty ordering or have further questions on the status of the appraisal you ordered, please contact your local PF branch.

LenderVend Appraisal Zone

LenderVend, LLC is an affiliate of Provident Funding. LenderVend Appraisal Zone provides appraisal order fulfillment and order management solutions to Provident Funding. While LenderVend Appraisal Zone maintains best in class appraisal fulfillment turn times, we understand that Quality is not just a measure of “How fast can the report be completed?” Quality is a measure of customer care and most importantly, the completion of an accurate appraisal report. In order to provide quality appraisal reports, LenderVend Appraisal Zone has developed a fundamental approach: work with the top appraisers in the industry, utilize technology to promote efficiency, and employ a committed staff, dedicated to serving your appraisal needs.

As of January 2012, LenderVend Appraisal Zone has:

  • Successfully completed more than 350,000 appraisal orders
  • Total average turn-around time of less than 6 days (Turn Time = Date Ordered to Appraisal Delivery to Client)
  • An average turn-around time of less than 5 days on 90% of the orders
  • Established itself as a leader in Quality Appraisals and Customer Service

Legal Information

Pursuant to the Appraiser Independence Requirements (“AIR”), the borrowers are entitled to receive a copy of the appraisal report concerning the property subject to their loan transaction. The AIR requires that borrowers are provided a copy of the appraisal report no less than three business days prior to closing, unless the borrower waives this requirement. Once the appraisal is completed, Provident Funding will e-mail the following to the broker:
  1. Completed Appraisal, and;
  2. Appraisal Notification and Acknowledgement
The broker is responsible for delivering the appraisal to the borrower. The Appraisal Notification and Acknowledgement Letter (which verifies that the borrower has received the appraisal and either waives or retains the 3 day waiting period) must be signed by the borrower and submitted to Provident Funding before the loan can close.

Understanding the Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR) and its impact on the Mortgage Industry

The Appraiser Independence Requirements were created to enhance the independence and accuracy of the appraisal process, and provide added protections for homebuyers, mortgage investors and the housing market.

How the AIR affects you?
  • Prohibits you from influencing or attempting to influence the development, result, or review of an appraisal report.
  • Borrowers are required to be provided a copy of the appraisal report no less than three business days prior to closing, unless the borrower waives the requirement. As stated above, Provident Funding will deliver the appraisal to the broker and it is the broker’s responsibility to ensure that the borrower receives a copy of the appraisal in compliance with AIR.

Our Commitment to You

Since 1992, Provident Funding has earned a reputation as the Mortgage Price Leader. Provident Funding assures you, our broker, that we are committed to setting industry leading standards for appraisal accuracy and service.